Welcome to the Bright Moons Yoga Community!

Hi there, I’m Sam! You can often find me teaching yoga online and outdoors, hanging out with my cats, or wandering about the garden.

Sam is standing outdoors smiling with hands in prayer pose at her heart. She is wearing a blue t-shirt. Behind her are green evergreen trees, green grass, and a blue sky in the left corner.

I completed my 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training with Brett Larkin in 2017 and originally started teaching with local businesses to provide yoga classes for their employees.

Joining the group at the State Street Yoga Co-op in the fall of 2019 was an exciting step – I loved having a more permanent space for students to come to! My classes there were originally in the vinyasa flow style, but over the years I’ve come to appreciate the more gentle and slow practices, including yin, restorative, and chair.

As many others did as well, I took my classes online in 2020. I enjoyed being able to offer a wider variety of classes, including yoga videos for YouTube.

Outdoor yoga classes also started that summer, which has been a wonderful way to enjoy both yoga and the beautiful outdoors at the same time!

I currently teach classes online through zoom, Insight Timer, and outdoors, as well as provide practices on YouTube. Class styles include yin and restorative yoga, vinyasa flow, and chair yoga.

Training & Certifications

CYT 200 hr – Uplifted Yoga Teacher Training | 2017

Beyond Chair Yoga – Yoga Medicine | 2021

Bright Moons Yoga

The name “Bright Moons Yoga” comes from my yoga cat, Moony. He would often join my at-home yoga practices and meditations, as well as join me when teaching online classes and filming practices for the channel.

His personal favorite class to help with was chair yoga – he would always jump on my lap at the start of class! Needless to say, he wasn’t happy when it inevitably came time for the movement part of class.

Moony was my yoga buddy, and his presence during my personal practice and meditation helped bring me back to the present moment and just enjoy his company. If you have pets who also join you for your yoga practices, you know how special it can be!

Moony had a long life full of love, but losing him unexpectedly last fall was devastating. I realized how much his presence added to my personal yoga practice, as well as how much I enjoyed him ‘helping’ me teach at home.

Yoga in our society can so often be about the physical practice, how much you do, how often, and how strenuous it is. I want to instead practice and teach a yoga that isn’t about the physical, but about how it makes you feel on the inside.

We all deserve to be loved, seen, and appreciated for who we are in the moment, not what we do or achieve. Moony helped me feel that in my practice on a consistent basis, and that’s what I want to share with you.

Sam is in a low lunge pose and petting a black cat named Moony. She is wearing a black shirt and leggings and is on a teal yoga mat. A bookshelf with books and covered with lights is behind her.