Sam lies on her back on a teal yoga mat and is propped up by yoga blocks and folded blankets. A black cat named Moony is sitting in the foreground. She is wearing blue socks, black leggings, and a pink jacket.

Restorative Yoga for the New Year

Happy 2022!
Do any of your goals for the new year include more time for rest and relaxation? Restorative yoga is a great practice to add to your wellness or self-care routine!

This class is 60-minutes long and offers lots of options for the poses depending on what props you have on hand. 

Props can be anything from blankets and pillows to more traditional yoga blocks and bolsters. 
Looking for a silent, minimal cues version of this class? Check it out here!

Gather your props, grab some warm comfy clothes, and let’s get started! 

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