A frozen winter landscape with frozen (white) trees to the left and a frozen lake to the right with a blue sky.

Warming Yoga for Cold Winter Days

Feeling the chill of the winter cold? Wishing for some sunshine and warmth? This 60-minute vinyasa flow class will warm you right up, even in the midst of winter!

This vinyasa flow class starts off with gentle, flowing movement to start warming up right away!


No special props are needed for this, although a pair of yoga blocks and some blankets are a nice addition!

Yoga blocks are nice to have on hand, especially in colder weather, to provide extra support and lift in the poses.

Blankets are also nice in cold weather to cover up with as needed or to provide extra cushion and warmth.


Even though this is a warming class, we’ll still take time for stretches and relaxation towards the end of class.

At the end of class, cozy up with a warm blanket for a nice savasana!

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