Sam is in a low lunge lizard yoga pose on a purple yoga mat in a yoga studio with hardwood floors. She is wearing a black top and pink capri leggings.

Yin Yoga for Hips

Yin Yoga Poses to Stretch the Hips

Are you in need of a dedicated class focused only on stretching out the hips? If so, check out this 25-minute silent yin yoga class featuring hip-stretching poses!

Silent Yin Yoga for Hips Class: 25-minutes

Whether you sit at a desk all day, are spending lots of time in the car, or are active and doing a lot of walking, tightness in the hips is something that seems to affect a great number of us.
This class is 25-minutes long and features yin yoga poses that focus on the hips.

Minimal Cues Yoga

This is also a silent, minimal cues yoga class! The pose names are on the screen and a bell signals when it’s time for the next pose.
This gives you time to really sink into the poses and find a spot of quiet in your day.
Minimal cues classes are geared towards people who are already familiar with these poses and know how to do them for their own body.
If you’re new to yoga and are looking for more guidance and cues in your practice, I also have guided yin yoga classes available!
Guided yin yoga classes:


No props are necessary for this class, but here are some ideas if you’d like to try them!

Blocks: Yoga blocks are helpful to bring the ground up to meet you. I particularly like using them for low lunges.

Blanket: A folded blanket or two can really help make your practice cozy and comfortable! This can be useful for underneath your knees in kneeling postures, especially if you’re on a hard-surface floor.
Additionally, you can also place a rolled-up blanket under your knees in reclined positions (such as savanasa).
A stack of blankets is nice to add some support to a seated forward fold. Lastly, having a blanket nearby makes it easy to cover up if you get cold in savasana!

Bolster: A yoga bolster is not necessary (they can be on the more expensive side!), a stack of pillows or blankets is a great alternative!
However, if you do have access to one, they make a great support to fold forward over in child’s pose or seated forward folds!

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