Sam sits on a teal yoga mat in a forward fold wearing blud leggings and a pink jacket. She is supported by folding over two pillows and a folded blanket.

New Year’s Restorative Yoga | Silent Class

Do any of your goals for the new year include more time for rest and relaxation?  Restorative yoga is a great practice to add to your wellness or self-care routine!

Happy 2022!

Start the new year off with a quiet and restful yoga practice!

This silent, minimal cues class is 60-minutes long and offers lots of options for the poses depending on what props you have on hand. 

Props can be anything from blankets and pillows to more traditional yoga blocks and bolsters. 

A minimal cues practice means minimal or no talking from the instructor, so there’s lots of time for silence and personalization in your practice. 

To guide you through the class, the pose names will be on the screen, and a bell will signal it’s time to transition to a new pose.

Please note that minimal cues practices are intended for yoga practitioners who are already familiar with and have experience with these restorative yoga poses. 

Prefer a guided version of this class? Check it out here!

Gather your props, grab some warm comfy clothes, and let’s get started! 

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